سنسور دما تی جی پی | Temperature Sensors- Nivelco TGP Sensor


TGP bearing temperature sensor

مشخصات فنی

  • Operating temperature: -50 …+180 degC
  • Sensor: Pt100
  • Sensor diameter: 8 mm
  • Accuracy: class A or B accuracy class in accordance to EN 60751
  • Measuring current: 1 mA max. 5 mA
  • Material of sensor tube: Stainless steel, DIN 1.4571 / Cu protector cover
  • Mechanical connection: As per order codes
  • Electrical connection: SIT type silicone rubber and shield, 3×0.75 mm2
  • Cable protection: tinned copper-braid protective jacket
  • Cable length: 6 m, diameter: 7 mm
  • Insertion length: As per order codes
  • Ingress protection: IP65
  • Electrical protection: Class III.
  • Voltage-test: 500 V, 50 Hz AC for 1 min., at 20 ¢XC ¡Ó5 ¢XC Mass 0,55 kg
  • Time constant: < 20 mp Pressure: max. 6 MPa

Product Description

TGP bearing temperature sensor

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